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Well, we're ready to go. It's doubtful we'll be able to enter a recording studio until the lockdown is lifted. Boy and The Sun Came Out At Night are ready to mix. There will probably be changes but this is our hymn sheet. Rollin' On, Glory Be and Something Wonderful are from 'Boots' but have never been recorded properly.

Boy The Sun Came Out At Night Swiss Army Knife Of Fuerteventura The Old Grey Lady Jivin' Miss Daisy The Outlaw Mesmerised No One Tells A Lie Like A Dude With A Tie You Bring Good Things Runnin' Outta Stuff YOLO We're Never Gonna Grow Up Rollin' On (The Things We Gave Away) Something Wonderful Jonesin' Glory Be Organ Grinder Harry Dean Stanton Great Spirit Twistin' In The Wind

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Great that you have a new album coming out ... it will give me something to look forward to in these crazy times ... I loved the last album Our Future In Space.... from a big fan all the way from Melbourne


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