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Utopian Track Breakdown: 15) The Old Grey Lady

Me and the old grey lady, she knows where to find me alright,

she comes around when the curtain comes down,

and the people spill into the night,

me and the old grey lady, she waits till I'm all on my own,

she comes in my room with that look in eyes and says

"man look at you all alone",

me and the old grey lady, you don't get to see her too much,

she don't hang around in the daylight, close your eyes you can still feel her touch,

me and the old grey lady, we don't tell nobody about,

the long nights we both spent together,

fighting through sadness and doubt,

me and the old grey lady,

me and he old grey lady...

Written by R.I.McNabb © Peermusic (UK) Ltd. 2020

Ian McNabb: Lead vocal, electric guitars, harmonica, bass. Ciaron Bell: Grand piano. Drums: Nick Kilroe.

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