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New Brighton Rock is the brand new 2023 album from Ian McNabb.

Work began on the record in November 2022. Ian has been collaborating with producer Ciaron Bell to bring you something a little different. Most of the songs are co-writes as Ian wanted a different approach and asked Ciaron to come up with sonic soundscapes that would take Ian in different direction and hopefully lead him somewhere else lyrically.

Ian is very conscious of the fact that veterans tend to start repeating themselves at some point and he is determined that this won't happen to him!


Both parties are very happy with the results so far.

Tracks we are working on:

Hamilton Square




Salmon Butties

The Bliss

Don't Shoot The Wounded

No Beast So Fierce


I Want To Know What Love Is (Foreigner cover)

Grandma Loves To Crochet

Rock Life

The album is being recorded at Nabby Road, Liverpool and Roxburgh Studio, Birkenhead.

Ian and Ciaron play all the instruments along with a small parade of drummers.

The record maintains the high standard Ian has been delivering on his late-career surge since Star Smile Strong (2017).

Pre-orders enable us to cover costs of recording, hiring musicians, artwork, mastering and manufacture.

Available on CD, 180g vinyl and in high quality download from Bandcamp.

We hope to have the album out to you by August/September.

Vinyl will take a little longer.


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