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Welcome to my blog. I hope to share lots of information on here on a regular basis. At the moment I'm writing songs feverishly in anticipation of resuming work on Utopian - my twentieth studio album (excluding live/compilation albums and including the five Icicle Works LPs). Ciaron Bell (my producer/engineer) and I started work on the record over a year ago when 'Boy' and 'The Sun Came Out At Night' were recorded, but remain in work-in-progress status as other issues preventing our carrying on at the time intervened.

Now is the time to carry on. I have around 10 -12 tunes I'm happy with but I always keep writing right up the recording deadline. I've written a lot of songs that went on to become big favourites a couple of days before a session, sometimes even the night before ... so ... you never stop just in case Dame Muse has something wonderful to impart at the last minute, as she often does. Understanding Jane was written hastily DURING the sessions for If You Want To Defeat Your Enemy Sing His Song (1987) as Ian Broudie (producer) said we needed some more uptempo stuff. I very rarely begin a new project without having 15 songs/ideas ready.

Finished songs proposed for inclusion:


The Sun Came Out At Night

Swiss Army Knife Of Fuerteventura

The Old Grey Lady

Jivin' Miss Daisy

The Outlaw

No One Tells A Lie Like A Dude With A Tie

You Bring Good Things

Harry Dean Stanton

Grandma Loves To Crochet


Runnin' Outta Stuff

We're Never Gonna Grow up

That's me for now, back to work.

I x

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